What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun (Eternal Springtime) is a Chinese Martial art and self-defense utilizing striking and trapping while specializing in close-range combat. Wing Chun is a Southern Kung Fu style and is now gaining immense popularity. Wing Chun is named after a young lady, Yim Wing Chun, who was being forced by a local warlord into marriage. Wing Chun sought the help of a buddhist nun Ng Mui, from the Shaolin temple, and she taught her techniques that will allow her to overcome a bigger and stronger opponent. Wing Chun defeated the warlord and she eventually married Leung Bak Chou and she taught her the unnamed art. Her husband then named the style Wing Chun after her.

What is Applied Wing Chun?

Applied Wing Chun is the style taught by Sifu Duncan Leung where the main objective is the emphasis of effective and logical martial knowledge. Sifu Duncan Leung was a private disciple of Grandmaster Yip Man and he completed the whole Wing Chun system under Yip Man’s tutelage. Sifu Duncan Leung’s training methods allow his students to gain better fighting skills through the use of Wing Chun in REAL fighting situations.

Is Wing Chun difficult to learn?

Wing Chun is not difficult to learn, but it will take effort and determination in order to be proficient in it. It will take about 6 months in order to develop a good self-defense and can be completed in 3 years by those who put in effort.

I’m a woman, can I learn Wing Chun?

Yes. Wing Chun was originally taught by a Buddhist nun to a young lady in order to defeat a bigger and stronger opponent. In Wing Chun, strength is not fought with strength but rather techniques, bio-mechanics and physics all play a part.

Where can I study Wing Chun in the Philppines?

If you’re in Metro Manila, you can visit our gym in Makati City.

Applied Wing Chun Philippines
Jollijam Arts Center, Unit 203
Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas St.
Salcedo Village, Makati
Mobile: 0917-8314033


When is the schedule of the Wing Chun classes?

Our Wing Chun classes are held Mondays thru Thursdays 8:30-10:30 PM and Saturdays 4:30PM – 6:30PM and 6:30 – 8:30PM.

How much is the fee for the Wing Chun class?

We have three packages available to suit your schedule or budget.

  • STARTER PACKAGE: 2,000 Php for 4 sessions a month (1 session per week).
  • MODERATE PACKAGE: 3,000 Php for 8 sessions a month (2 session per week).
  • EXTREME PACKAGE: 3,600 Php for UNLIMITED sessions per month.

When can I start training Wing Chun?

You can attend our free Wing Chun trial class. Just pick a schedule from the above and visit us. If you want to participate in class during your free trial, please bring appropriate training attire. (Shirts, shorts, jogging pants, just the typical gym attire. We do not require any uniform in Applied Wing Chun)